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Company Registration

Have you decided to set up a business in the territory of the Republic of Belarus?

We are glad to help you.

LLC “VRK Expert” will execute for you all necessary formalities connected with a company registration, accounting, obtaining of all necessary licenses and certificates for work in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Service registration of your company includes the following components:

  1. Legal consultation concerning registration of business entity or private entrepreneur;
  2. Obtaining of a certificate about approval the name of the company;
  3. Assistance to receive a legal address;
  4. Development of founding documents (decisions, minutes of the General Meeting of the founders about registration, charters, etc.);
  5. Preparation of documents for the appointment of the director and chief accountant;
  6. Registration company (by our specialist);
  7. Receive a stamp and opening a bank account;
  8. Registration company in state supervisory bodies (tax authorities, Social Security Fund etc.).

Also if needed to hire employees who are foreign citizens, lawyers of LLC “Rise Capital” will prepare all documents for obtaining a labor permit in the Republic of Belarus.

We see value in your time and money!

We always work towards a result on contractual deadline!


Order service!


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