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Favorable conditions for investment have been created in Belarus, including a solid legal basis for successful business.
• The Republic of Belarus has signed more than 60 bilateral double taxation agreements
• About 60 bilateral agreements on assistance in the implementation (encouragement) and mutual protection of investments
• The Seoul Convention Establishing the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA Convention) has been ratified

There are a number of preferential models of doing business that allow an investor to minimize his losses and maximize the profit.

Such preferential legal regimes include: an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus, work in the Free Economic Zones, doing business in medium and small cities, working in the HTP (High Tech park), and China-Belarus Industrial Park «Great Stone».

The main tax-incentives and preferences that an investor can receive include:
- Obtaining a land plot without an auction and making a payment for the right to conclude a lease agreement. As a rule, the value of a land plot during an auction can grow several times, which negatively affects the payback of a project. Thus, the legislation of the Republic of Belarus provides for obtaining a land plot without auction to improve the investment climate.
- Exemption from income tax according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus/
- Customs VAT and taxes –  0 %. The list of preferential customs duties on imported goods is approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus.
- Exemption from payment of rent for a land plot.
-  VAT is returned from budget.

We provide full assistance in obtaining preferences and benefits for business in the Republic of Belarus.

All investment projects require very careful planning and security. Thus, in order for the investments to bring the expected planned profit, a professional and attentive approach to the project is required.

Professionals of “Rise Capital Group” LLC  have extensive experience in supporting investment projects. We will help you build your «green field» and «brown field» business in the Republic of Belarus, as well as optimize the work of your organization, taking into account all legal possibilities.



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