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One of the main areas of our work is legal services for licensing activities in Belarus (licensing of works).

We provide services in obtaining special permits (licenses) for our clients to carry out certain types of activities in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated October 14, 2022 "On Licensing".

You can find out the requirements for obtaining a license by contacting our company.

The following activities are subject to licensing in the Republic of Belarus

  • Lawyer activity
  • Banking
  • Veterinary activities
  • Activities in the field of road transport
  • Broadcast activities
  • Activities in the field of public railway transport
  • Activities in the field of the use of atomic energy and sources of ionizing radiation
  • Activities in the field of industrial safety
  • Activities in the field of communications
  • Activities in the field of gambling business
  • Activities for the procurement (purchase) of scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Fire safety activities
  • Activities for conducting forensic examinations
  • Activities for the technical and (or) cryptographic protection of information
  • Activities related to environmental impact
  • Activities related to precious metals and precious stones
  • Activities related to the cryptographic protection of information and means of secretly obtaining information
  • Activities related to the circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors
  • Activities related to the rehabilitation of children abroad
  • Activities related to military products
  • Activities related to the development and production of forms and documents
  • Activities related to employment outside the Republic of Belarus
  • Activities related to the collection and dissemination of information about individuals in order to get to know them
  • Activities related to service and civilian weapons and ammunition, collecting and exhibiting weapons and ammunition
  • Medical activity
  • Educational activities
  • Provision of legal services
  • Wholesale and retail trade in petroleum products
  • Wholesale and storage of alcoholic, non-food alcohol-containing products, non-food ethyl alcohol and tobacco products
  • Security activity
  • Printing activity
  • Manufacture of alcoholic, non-food alcohol-containing products, non-food ethyl alcohol and tobacco products
  • Professional and exchange activity on securities
  • Real estate activity
  • Retail sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, non-tobacco nicotine-containing products, liquids for electronic smoking systems
  • Insurance activity

You get

Legal advice

we will tell you all the requirements for a license

Preparation of documents for a license

we will prepare and submit all the documents ourselves

Full legal support

we will represent your interests in state bodies

Follow-up legal support

we will tell you how to work with compliance with license requirements

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We are personally responsible for the result. If the result is not our fault, we will refund the money.

We can independently solve most of the problems of your business, as we are experts in several areas. Working with us, you can be calm for all aspects of your activities - nothing will be missed, all risks will be taken into account.