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Registration of a trademark

Services for the registration of trademarks and service marks, obtaining patents in Minsk and on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Registration of a trademark and service mark, obtaining a patent for an invention or authorship, as well as services for registering other forms of individual property (trademarks, logos, etc. may also be among the means of individualization of entrepreneurial activity) to further promote their goods and services in Republic of Belarus, is one of the main activities of Rise Capital Group LLC.

Lawyers of Rise Capital Group LLC will provide all the necessary qualified assistance in registering trademarks, service marks, and obtaining patents.

A trademark usually serves as the main identifier of any goods or legal entities. A person who has registered a trademark receives a confirming Certificate and is recognized by the Law as the sole owner of this trademark, has the right to dispose of it, prohibit or allow its use by third parties, etc.

A patent is a document that confirms the exclusive and sole right to protect its authorship, new invention, etc.

Registration of a trademark is often the key to the successful operation of a company, its brand. At the same time, many companies use in their work trademarks that are not registered in the prescribed manner and, having already invested in their promotion on the market, face serious problems in their protection.

What can be registered as a trademark:

  • various verbal designations;
  • own names;
  • color (registration of any color or a certain combination of colors);
  • letter designations (various necessary abbreviations, etc.);
  • digital designations;
  • graphic images;
  • packaging and shape of goods, etc.;
  • as well as a combination of all of the above elements.

Registration of a trademark (trademark), obtaining patents produced in the National Center for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of international agreements, in accordance with the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks and the Protocol to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks, and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.

The main documents required for filing for trademark registration with the National Center for Intellectual Property:

  • an application from the applicant for the registration of a trademark or patent;
  • description of the registered trademark (words, colors, graphics, etc.);
  • a list of goods for which the trademark will be used in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services;
  • payment order confirming the payment of the patent fee;
  • certified copies and other necessary documents for trademark registration.

In addition, placing trademarks in public places (at business centers, trade facilities, etc.) without being registered with the National Center for Intellectual Property is contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and threatens with an administrative fine with an order to remove such trademarks.

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