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ISO 9001-2015
Implementation and certification

Experts of our company offer services for the development and certification of a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015.

We will carry out the full cycle of work: from the preparation of documents and the implementation of the QMS in the organization to its support in the process of certification and staff training (if necessary).

Why you should call us:

  • Experience. We employ acting experts-auditors with accreditation and more than 5 years of experience. They know how to implement a QMS in an organization in 3 weeks. The work is carried out not due to a decrease in quality, but due to the high qualification of our experts, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews about our work.
  • Price. We will select the option of cooperation taking into account your budget.
  • Education. We will tell your employees how to work with the new quality management system.
  • Guarantee. We are personally responsible for the work, so we return the money in case of errors due to the fault of the company.
  • We do not provide templates that you must fill out yourself, but prepare all documents, taking into account the characteristics of your organization, as well as all legal and technical requirements.

What is the ISO 9001-2015 certificate for?

 The implementation and certification of the QMS in accordance with STB ISO 9001-2015 will allow your organization to

  • improve the quality of products and services provided,
  • increase the profitability of the company through the implementation of a proven management system,
  • assess existing and potential risks,
  • make an analysis of the functioning of processes, taking into account the principle of PDCA,
  • gain an advantage when participating in tenders,
  • improve the company's image,
  • conduct an audit of the company's work with the help of our experts.

Contact the company LLC "VRK Expert". Order a call back - the consultant will call you back in an hour and tell you about the QMS certification in accordance with STB ISO 9001-2015



More than 9 years in the market of legal services and certification services. During this time, we have NEVER let our clients down.

The company's specialists do not work remotely, but are always in the office, so they can immediately answer questions and provide advice.

Our experts and lawyers have specialized education, work experience, take advanced training courses, participate in trainings and seminars to keep abreast of updated standards and requirements.

We are personally responsible for the result. If the result is not our fault, we will refund the money.

We can independently solve most of the problems of your business, as we are experts in several areas. Working with us, you can be calm for all aspects of your activities - nothing will be missed, all risks will be taken into account.

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